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Royal Wings Cruise is one of the biggest & the most luxur steel boat in Halong Bay built to meet seafaring standards. It was undergone a rigorous test by the local Maritime Registration Authority annually and certified accordingly. The Vietnamese Marine Authorities certify all materials and equipment used in the construction of the boat construction from the steel, electrical cables and generators. Every vessel is fitted with professional marine safety equipment: VHF Radio, GPS Plotting, Two-way radios, Water Ingress Alarm System, Anti-sinking Pump System, Fire Alarm System and Fire ExtinguishersRoyal Wings Cruise always places the highest priority on the safety and security of our vessels and all Passengers, Crew and Crew members onboard. We recommend you to follow our safety guide for all activities during trip.

Safety Facilities
- Fire protection
- Smoking area
- Life vests
- Life rafts & Life bouys
- First Aid Kit & Medicine
- Emergency cases
- Emergency exit

Onboard Safety
After check in the boat, while you are enjoying welcome drink in Royal Wings Cruises, a briefing about the trip with itinerary, crews, vessels, activities and safety information will be delivered by the captain & whole royal wings crew. The updating of weather on the day is coming too.
Before each activity, Royal Wings guide will give an introduction & warning to visitors. To make the trip more perfect, we highly recommend you to pay attention carefully to these information.
The rescue transportations like canoe/ high-speed tender is available to transfer guest immediately to harbor in the short time regarding health safety. Marine Search and Rescue team with essential skills and training with rescue equipment to deal with emergency.
The weather for cart for the next 24 hours is updating frequently.

Maintenance and Registration
All fire-fighting, safety and life saving equipment is regularly inspected and maintained in accordance with a computer maintenance program.
Royal Wings Cruises are strictly registered and checked by local authority annually.
The local Maritime Registration Authority also tests and inspects this equipment once a year, and every three months the officers' and crew's ability to carry out fire-fighting and evacuation procedures is tested through comprehensive drills.

Hygiene and food safety
As the traditional Vietnamese culture, all the fresh foods is imported onboard everyday. All the dishes in Royal Wings Cruise were checked stricly in hygienes standards before coming ready-to-serve dishes for our clients. All the foods was made by years-experience chef with the guaranty of quality.
Beside the popular beverages, Royal Wings bar is always ready to serve various kinds of cocktails, wines & local beer.