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The Royal Wings team has more than 10 years working in tourism and hospitality industry who is specialist of cruise investor in Halong Bay. That's why we understand customers' desire and aim to built a new generation of junk boats to give the best quality of services, catering, cruisers facilities an tour itineraries to give passengers a chance to discover Halong Bay in luxury style. Recognizing that not all travelers are the same, our mission is to provide the best service, comfort, flexibility, and wide range of options.

Many years of experience cruising in Halong bay, we always thinking of offering a cruising experience like no other, designed to enrich, inspire and brand new. With our service philosophy of "best of the best" in mind, our leadership has worked with the ship architects to plan out a preliminary concept for a elegance, seaworthy, luxury and timeless cruise.

Inspired by the Legend history of Halong bay about The Royal Mother Dragon and her children: "The legend says that during the old time when the country was newly formed, Vietnamese had to fight against fierce invaders coming from the North through the sea. Feeling sorry for the country, The Jade Emperor sent the Royal Mother Dragon and her children flying from heaven on their large Feather Angel Wings descending on earth to help ancient Vietnamese people defend the country and the idea of bringing passenger back into the dragons era on their lovely wings to admire the charm of Halong bay in royal standard experience". That's where the idea for The Royal Wings cruise's name was born.

After months of serious, ambitious and hardworking, we are now very proud to introduce to you a brand-new steel made cruise named Royal Wings Cruise at 5 stars standard in Halong.

The Royal Wings Cruise - a vessel combining traditional oriental value and completely different styles of luxury is the best choice to serve the upcoming travelers with the expectation of high-end facilities, professional services in Halong Bay, Vietnam. The Royal Wings Cruise will bring you the most comfortable by charming of luxury facilities. With a spacious area of more than 500 m2 and 20 luxury cabin, 01 restaurant, 02 bars, the Royal Wings Cruise purposes is to give the passengers the best relaxing and enjoy all the interesting time onboard.

Visiting the most famous Vietnamese World Heritage Site on Royal Wings Cruise is bound to be one of the highlights of your travels in Vietnam, thanks to the luxury quality of our facilities and accommodations, also the excellence of our customer service.